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I Documented “Book Bans.” I Thought They Were All Hysteria. Then I Opened One of the Most Controversial Books.
Kind of interesting how this author goes from their reactions like "flipping through the book’s pages finally, I was a little shocked. I had an involuntary reaction to seeing the nude cartoons, like I needed to make sure I was alone and hide the book. ... I was sure I wouldn’t hand this book to my kids when they are 10. And I began to wonder if in my own allergy to the book-burning fervor, I had been a little too dismissive of the parents at the root of this fight." to by the end of the article seeming to approve of its inclusion.
Realistic Prepper Advice
"Preppers are fundamentally right about the problems, unsustainability, and fragility of the current system… but are utterly delusional about what’s likely to succeed it. Simply put the wish that in a suitably apocalyptic disaster, the state will recoil away into non-existence and leave people to fend for themselves (at which point the prepper will presumably thrive) has basically never happened." (Goes too far down the rabbit hole IMO, but this point and the discussion around it I'd agree with)
Sam Dumitriu on Twitter
"Incredibly, £267m has been spent on the Lower Thames Crossing’s 63,000 page planning application. Norway built the world’s longest road tunnel and the world’s deepest subsea tunnel for less."
Is Making Divorce Easier Bad for Children? The Long‐Run Implications of Unilateral Divorce
"Using 40 years of census data to exploit the variation across states and over time in changes in divorce regulation, I confirm that unilateral divorce regulations do significantly increase the incidence of divorce. Adults who were exposed to unilateral divorce regulations as children are less well educated, have lower family incomes, marry earlier but separate more often, and have higher odds of adult suicide."