Following upon the footsteps of that book on the Reformation...

I've been trying to do some reading on Church History lately, and hence I figured that I would briefly mention a couple of other books that are on my reading list: The Complete Works of Josephus, and A History of Christianity in the United States and Canada.

Yesterday evening, just after finishing War Hospital, I dug into the works of Josephus. As a brief introduction to him, Josephus was a Jewish writer from the 1st century - a Romanized Pharisee. I've progressed a short ways into this book, but the first page was almost enough to scare me off. It at first seemed like I'd need to keep a fairly large dictionary close at hand as I found myself stumbling across such words as sacerdotal and calumniate. Thankfully the reading quickly became easier, but this may still prove to be a bit of a vocabulary stretcher.

To elaborate briefly on the second book, Mark Noll was a person whom I read a rather interesting article by one day and then heard lecturing at Regent College the next. His job title is Professor of Church History at a Christian college in the US. After I eventually get around to reading this one book of his, I think that I may progress on to reading another - The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.

Sadly, I've placed further book-buying on hold, already for a while now, until I once again get around to earning some income. The one exception to this rule (beyond necessary textbooks), I plan to be the $20 Chapters gift certificate that I've redeemed some PC Points for. Free banking is definitely good, but free banking with a rewards program is even better.