What are husbands at fault for?

This is what R.C. Sproul, Jr. had to see on the duties of husbands and fathers:

We serve, however, not when we roll over and refuse to lead, but when we lead by accepting responsibility for our decisions. And in our homes, all the decisions are ours. The buck always stops with us. Did your wife spend the month's grocery money on new curtains? That's your fault, for while you can delegate the chore of grocery buying, you cannot delegate the responsibility. Did your wife insist that the way to your son's ball game was to the right, when you thought it was to the left? And did you accede to her theory, only to get lost? That's your fault too. Did you finally arrive at the ball game just to see your son screaming at the umpire that he was deficient in his eyesight? Yup, that's you too. Welcome to being the husband and father, where everything in your home really is your fault.

Source: Family Reformation Magazine

Sounds just a little crazy / fruity / nutty / loony to me. I can see husbands / fathers having to live with the consequences, but the view here seems to be taking responsibility too far.

Your thoughts?


I remember discussing this in premarital class. The idea is that the father is responsible for everything that goes on. It is part of the responsibility of headship that comes with being a husband and father. However, I think the everything-is-your-fault view is a little extreme. But it really depends on how you look at it. Some would say the two are equivalent.

Is this literal or satirical? Either way it seems a shallow and ill-informed perspective on a much "deeper" issue. Didn't have time to read the whole article though...

Not satirical as far as I understand it.