Manly muffins and a locomotive

Someone jested at bible study Sunday evening that it must have been I who had borrowed their muffin pans. To the surprise of some - me being a bachelor and only having a toaster oven after all - I mentioned that I do happen to own a jumbo-sized muffin pan. Given that roughly 98% of my food intake is made up of (a) an assortment of restaurants plus (b) whatever I make, there's some incentive to try to break out of neanderthal mode.

So, without further ado, I present Blueberry Muffins à la Dave:

While pulling the above photo off my camera, I noticed that I still had a picture from when I drove down to Darren and Shena's new home to help them unload. It seems that Darren will be probably too busy to update his web site in the near future. Thus, to give you an idea of their new surroundings, here's a photo I took while waiting in the rain for them to arrive:


This begs the question... Who stole my muffin tins?!

Dave, I'm impressed. Look at you and your studly muffins. I hereby christen you a stud muffin of the first order. Either that or The Muffin Man. It's your pic.


That's brilliant! I vote the latter.

Ahh, memories of Shrek...

The muffin man?


Definitely the muffin man. "Not my gumdrop buttons!"