Seriously odd

About halfway through the summer I decided that in the fall I should try to get back to doing something vaguely athletic. At the time the idea was to join an intramural team in some sport or other. Then, while visiting my parents in BC, I stumbled across a reference to the Marathon du Medoc in Reader's Digest. Strangely, enough the next day the Food Network had an episode of "Glutton for Punishment" specifically on this event.

I tend to be the type of person who'll take almost anything in life seriously - including insanity. For example, I survived high school English by taking seriously conventions while writing on the strangest topics I could think of. Somewhere or other I probably still have a copy of my Ode to Kraft Dinner.

Unfortunately, the Marathon du Medoc is run in September, when I have school commitments that prevent me from making it to France at that time of year. However, there's another similar marathon which is run in May - the Marathon de Blaye, Cotes de Bordeaux.

A pic from the Medoc marathon

Picture this: Dave is dressed up in some unknown costume, 33 km into a 42 km marathon weaving through the fields of France, and pausing briefly at the 19th wine-tasting station on the course for a sip. (There's a reason that the Marathon du Medoc has gained the title of "the world's longest marathon)

That sounds like almost a textbook example of a serious approach to oddity. It seems like a great way to simultaneously thumb one's nose at marathon runners, wine snobs, and the French while simultaneously enjoying all the aforementioned.

Now the question that remains: am I crazy enough?


go together like truck drivers and coffee! I'm waiting for the post that you've signed up, Dave!