What's for Christmas dinner?

I managed to get a cheap flight on Air Canada, but that seems to have been a mistake:

One official said the Calgary-Vancouver route was a victim of the airline's policy to focus on long-distance routes during weather advisories, since short-distance routes can recover faster once the winter weather subsides. (source)

Westjet on the other hand is showing delays, but has all flights to Vancouver operational (albeit with cancellations to Abbotsford).

The earliest flight that I was able to confirm isn't until Sunday afternoon, although Air Canada mentioned that they may add flights when the weather clears. Given that in anticipation of travelling my fridge is near empty, and grocery stores are going to be closed tomorrow, I should probably do a little grocery shopping this afternoon. (Albeit I could survive on dry / canned food). The other option appears to be Chinese food tomorrow.


So I take it Dave is around for Saturday then? Up for some railfanning (which I'm doing anyway!?)

After several hours total on hold with Air Canada reservations and having rebooked on four separate flights I eventually made it to Vancouver at about noon on Dec 25.

At least you got there, eh?