More crap for the car-crazy

The upgraded exhaust builds on this characteristic and gives owners push-button control over their cars aural signature. Porsche says that with a touch on a console-mounted button, the optional exhaust gives the customer an opportunity to take in a more sporting and emotional sound, thereby adjusting the car to their own preferences. The system operates with an exhaust flap built into each main silencer.

Put simply, it gives push-button access to a higher degree of exhaust sound that will tickle the driving enthusiast's soul.


I would love to see legislation introduced to either (a) keep these things off the streets entirely, or (b) require drivers to have this set at the lowest possible setting while on public roads. Perhaps in some sense it already is with public nuisance laws.

It would be nice if noise regulations were more strongly enforced, not just regarding cars: e.g. arresting bagpipers if they play too long


It's 'discouraged' to use engine brakes on the hill here. (I'm not sure if it's actually illegal though.) That doesn't stop multiple trucks from making loud noises in the middle of the night, unfortunately. I'm pretty sure nothing happens as a result.

As far as I know, it is technically illegal. Most of those engine brake prohibitions are local bylaws, not provincial laws or regulations. That said, I'm not about to listen to some pencil neck desk jockey who is trying to tell me when and when not to use my jake. Think about it...would you rather have me make some extra noise, and have braking power left over for when some brainless four-wheeler pulls out in front of me, or have my brakes good and hot from previous use, and be unable to slow enough to avoid him?

(rebel trucker at heart)