Does Darren have an alibi?

Darren, you haven't been in Florida recently, have you?

You lock a car, but you don't lock a locomotive. After all, where can you take it? Sounds logical, but logic didn't stop a thief from stealing a CSX Locomotive sometime after 11:30 Sunday night and taking it for a noisy joy ride, in Miami's version of the Great Train Robbery.

... CSX Transportation spokesperson Gary Sease said it appears the locomotive was taken by an 'unauthorized individual', but as most people don't have experience starting and driving one of the behemoths, investigators believe their thief is someone with more than with a passing fancy for trains.

Source: CBS 4


Well, yeah...I was at work at 0400 Monday morning...a little hard to get back from Florida in that time and work the 15 hour shift that I did that day. A little busy this week for any such shenanigans...77.5 hours in 6 days!