Photos from Montana

My Nikon D50 made it to Montana last Saturday as part of a trip with Darren. Darren being Darren, that meant train photos were the pretty much inevitable result. Unfortunately the only Nikon D50 battery I had with me on the trek was dead, so it was back to the backup camera.... AKA the one that I've been mainly using for the past year.

Anyways, without further ado I give you a few photos from the journey:

(Note that me being me the photos are pretty much unadulterated - just shrunk down in size. In order to enable Darren to gripes about quality of point-and-shoot cameras and how terrible they are, I've uploaded a full res photo straight as taken from the camera).

Image icon IMG_3942.JPG3.96 MB


Not to be outdone, I actually had mine up Sunday night, at my site Looking at the full size shot there I don't see too many problems, unlike Shena's point and shoot. There is lots of heat distortion visible, but that's not really the camera's fault. To show what a little post-processing will do though, here's the edited version of the full size shot from Dave.

And yes, my shots are all processed, including wire removal on a couple shots.