Time for a sugar tax?

If Obama wants to make one dramatic difference to the health of America, you just have to put a huge tax on sugar, because it's so cheap, and there's four times too much sugar going in everything across the board... In five years, America would get lighter, healthier, more intelligent, and happier.

- Jamie Oliver

Of course, if you restrict that to just soft drinks, which some have proposed taxing, opposition becomes a little easier.

Would such a policy lead to the horrifying idea of a bacon tax?


Please, no! Not a bacon tax! I can understand the reasoning behind it, but it's a case of too much government. We don't need a nanny state, we need government to get the heck out of citizens lives so they can make decisions for themselves. Unfortunately, it seems that these days no one is willing to accept the consequences of said decisions, and expects governments to cover for them and support them (particularly with health care) in dealing with the outcomes of poor decisions.