Don't be productive before noon

The last while I've been experimenting with a new strategy for getting work done: don't be productive before noon. On the upside, it seems to have meant an improvement in productivity. On the downside, I probably won't set things aside until 10pm or so.

It has long been held that the early bird catches the worm. But it is the night owl that lasts the distance, research shows. It found that late risers tire less quickly than those who make a point of getting up at the crack of dawn.

The study is likely to be embraced by anyone tired of being branded lazy for their love of a lie-in. And it adds to growing evidence that it is night owls that rule the roost.

Previous studies have found that those who rise later tend to be both cleverer and richer than early birds.

- Excerpted from The Daily Mail


both ways. How do you explain me, assuming the above is accurate? I routinely put in 14 and 16 hour days after getting up at 5:00. These days, that's before dawn!

I guess that would make you "special". Perhaps that explains all the railfanning.

How do you explain your "I don't do mornings" t-shirt from high school?

I'm not sure...probably more of a teenager stereotype. I'd say that I definitely did mornings back then too. Anyone remember me practically bouncing off the walls in the morning (due to a bowl of Captain Crunch and a cup of coffee for breakfast mind you) while everyone else was half asleep?