Airport security

If you've read the site for a while, you'll probably have realized that this is one of my pet peeves.

It's kind of silly what won't raise eyebrows. Witness the problems (or more accurately lack thereof) that the following journalist had getting through security.

I’ve amassed an inspiring collection of al-Qaeda T-shirts, Islamic Jihad flags, Hezbollah videotapes, and inflatable Yasir Arafat dolls (really). All these things I’ve carried with me through airports across the country. I’ve also carried, at various times: pocketknives, matches from hotels in Beirut and Peshawar, dust masks, lengths of rope, cigarette lighters, nail clippers, eight-ounce tubes of toothpaste (in my front pocket), bottles of Fiji Water (which is foreign), and, of course, box cutters. I was selected for secondary screening four times—out of dozens of passages through security checkpoints—during this extended experiment. At one screening, I was relieved of a pair of nail clippers; during another, a can of shaving cream.

Source: The Atlantic

On the other hand, sometimes they do detain people. I've seen some raised eyebrows over the Egyptian and Jordanian visas in my passport, so hopefully that doesn't happen to me. I figure that also having been to Israel acts as somewhat of an antidote.


Raised eyebrows? Do they actually ask you about it?

Well, you can generally see what they're looking at. And that Egyptian page tends to draw some fairly long stares.

I can attest to that! The last time we went to Montana, there was a definite pause as the officer looked through Dave's passport.