What's there to listen to on the radio in Calgary...

Having acquired a a new stereo, I've spend a little time the last while exploring what's on the air in Calgary.Here are a bunch of stations that I've tuned to from time to time:

  • 96.9 Jack FM (it was a bit amusing to discover that not only did Calgary have a clone of this station, but that it was transmitting on the same frequency)
  • 88.9 Shine FM - basically Christian rock with a few typical programs thrown in the middle
  • California 103.1 FM (except when it plays "Singing in the rain")
  • CHQR 770 AM - even the website looks identical to CKNW's ... basically the same style station, part of the same network.


CBC Radio One 1010AM
CBC Radio Two 102.1FM
770 CHQR - looks to be a talk radio station
CJAY 92 - self-proclaimed Calgary's best rock
CJSW 90.9FM - looks like a campus radio station
Energy 104.5 - a variety station from the CHUM group; I suspect it might be the equivalent of QMFM?

This looks to be a complete listing of radio stations in Calgary:

What kind of music does California play? Oldies?

Probably the closest equivalent to that station in Vancouver is Clear FM... although it's not quite as quiet.