More than 70 missing tweets

Canada's Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism tweets about National Aboriginal Languages Day. Will admit to some amusement about him tweeting this in English and French - and only English and French. Would you prefer or rather he hadn't instead the same thing in at least another 701 languages?

  1. I do find it a bit silly how people count numbers of languages - see, e.g., the recent Danish case - but more than 70 is the number he's chosen to go with. ↩︎

Dan Kahan on why it's rational to belief what your identity group believes

Thought back to this again when listening to this podcast. A separate reminder from that:

... the better subjects were math, no matter their politics, the better they performed when it came to determining the effectiveness of the cream. But when those exact same numerical results were relabeled, and subjects were told the research tested the effectiveness of gun control, the better subjects were at math the worse they performed — but only if the political party they belonged to was openly opposed to what the numbers suggested. If the results suggested that gun control was effective, Republicans who were good at math became bad at math. If the results showed gun control was ineffective, Democrats who were good at math became bad at math. If their party favored the results, then once again math skills alone determined the subjects’ performance, the same as it had when the exact same results supposedly measured the effectiveness of skin cream. Kahan says that the better you are with numbers, the better you are manipulating them to protect your identity-connected, and in this case politically motivated, beliefs.

"Why We're Wrong About Nearly Everything"

Am about halfway through Duffy's book on the topic at the moment. More information here.

Random links

Mumbling Danish actors force country’s theaters to subtitle Danish films
Have heard talk of subtitling of media leading to greater English literacy in a lot of Nordic countries, but hadn't expected this. "Whereas in the past, actors were focused on articulating themselves in a way understandable for everyone, their main emphasis has now shifted to being as authentic as possible. Hence, many actors have chosen not to imitate more common dialects and have stuck to local versions of Danish."
Major medical journals don’t follow their own rules for reporting results from clinical trials
"All five journals have endorsed long-established Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) guidelines. One CONSORT rule is that authors should describe the outcomes they plan to study before a trial starts and stick to that list when they publish the trial. But only nine of 67 trials published in the five journals reported outcomes correctly"
Transgressive Advocacy: People Are More Likely To Excuse Others' Lies When They Support Shared Morals
"We found that people’s perceptions of the speaker’s transgressive advocacy were uniquely shaped by their personal moral conviction for the cause. Although honesty was positively valued by all respondents, transgressive advocacy that served a shared moral (vs. nonmoral) end was more accepted, and advocacy in the service of a nonpreferred end was more condemned, regardless of its truth value. A troubling and timely implication of these findings is that political figures may be able to get away with lies and corruption without losing support from their political base. "


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