The newspaper vs the paper on gender bias in pain assessment

The headline:

Figure from the paper in question:

ADDENDUM: tweet from first author of the paper on how headlines may mislead

Latinos, border walls, and racism.

There's the whole US government shutdown over a border wall and, e.g., CityLab:

At the same point in time:

If you're curious here's the poll results ... and that's a 19 point increase in Latino approval of Trump over last month's poll. (Yes I think the employment figures have quite a bit to do with this but I also think they aren't the only reason).

Who supports which US presidential candidate?

One thing I find worthwhile is comparing the results of pollsters to the positions of pundits and journalists. Had seen the following figures on Bernie Sanders before, but this now includes a broader range of candidates for the sake of comparison:

I think that #BlackLivesMatter severely hurt Sanders chances of becoming president though.

Random links

Grim Stock Signals Piling Up as Wall Street Mulls Recession Odds
The article is a couple of months old but I think this quote still stands out: "A 2014 study by the International Monetary Fund’s Prakash Loungani found that not one of 49 recessions suffered around the world in 2009 had been predicted by the consensus of economists a year earlier. Loungani previously reported that only two of the 60 recessions of the 1990s had been anticipated a year in advance."
Ontario government rolling back Liberal-era student-aid reform
One thing that Ford did of which I strongly approve - allowing students to opt out of paying fees to student activist groups. In my view they've tended to amplify the already-loudest voices on campuses.
More Women in Tech? Evidence from a Field Experiment Addressing Social Identity
"When we correct the perception that women cannot succeed in technology by providing role models, information on returns and access to a female network, application rates double and the self-selection patterns change. Analysis of those patterns suggests that identity considerations act as barriers to entering the technology sector and that some high-cognitive skill women do not apply because of their high identity costs."


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