What should Dave have for supper on Sunday?

Are private domain name registrations worth it?

I'm just wondering if it's worth it to use these privacy features available from domain name registrars. My thoughts currently are, if the company providing this service goes bankrupt, then the domain is technically in their name and you may not be first in line of their creditors (although it would be pretty slimey to steal people's domain names that way).

Wonder if my degree has finally been approved

Sometime in early February the SFU senate was supposed to be putting their stamp of approval on my degree. If I look at my unofficial transcript at goSFU, it now shows at the end a confer date for one first class honours degree. I wonder if this means that it's now passed the approval stage (the check application status still shows it as under review). Ah well, I supopse that it at least means that progress is happening.

Anyways, another question to ask is: given that the convocation date listed is mid-week (a wednesday - June 7th), is it worth travelling about 1000 km to be there?

Another library at hand

I'll readily admit that I'm a book junkie, but it's nice to have another library to access (although that hasn't stopped me from getting my hands on a few new books out here). It's kind of nice now as a grad student having books default to a semester loan rather than just a few weeks.

I actually have a branch of the Calgary Public Library System about a block away from here, although I'm not sure I can get stuff there unless I fork out a bunch of money for a community borrower card which I would then need to renew at regular intervals.

Anyways, the U of C library does seem to have a better selection of theological materials out than SFU does. Currently I've got on my shelf a copy of the book From Sabbath to Lord's Day, which I expect will make for some rather interesting reading.

As to what books I've purchased since arriving out here, a rough list is something like the following:

  • Biblical Preaching (perhaps an odd selection, considering that I don't think I'll ever end up as a pastor - the book's intended audience)
  • Rumours of Another World (Philip Yancey)
  • Denominationalism (Richey)
  • The Greeks - Their Life and Customs (Guhl & Koner)
  • Shake Hands with the Devil - The failure of humanity in Rwanda


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