Multiple services on Sunday...

I think that we've yapped about the topic of multiple services on Sunday sometime before (although that may have been back when Rotundus was still running PHP Nuke). Anyways, thus far, of the churches in Calgary that I've checked out not a single one has had multiple services on Sunday (I'm excepting the case where they have multiple services due to overflow). I've basically come to the conclusion that outside of the CanRC multiple services on a Sunday is rather uncommon.

On a semi-related note, have any of you ever met any people who would label themselves as messianic jews? Sounds like it would be an interesting group to interact with at some point - believing in Jesus, yet maintaining a lot of the old Jewish holidays and customs (it probably should be added that yet, at the same time, such groups - at least the particular groups that I've read about - seem to condemn those who don't hold to such practices). There is such a group in Calgary (and, as one might expect, they meet on Saturdays), so I may stop by there one of these days.

What's there to listen to on the radio in Calgary...

Having acquired a a new stereo, I've spend a little time the last while exploring what's on the air in Calgary.Here are a bunch of stations that I've tuned to from time to time:

  • 96.9 Jack FM (it was a bit amusing to discover that not only did Calgary have a clone of this station, but that it was transmitting on the same frequency)
  • 88.9 Shine FM - basically Christian rock with a few typical programs thrown in the middle
  • California 103.1 FM (except when it plays "Singing in the rain")
  • CHQR 770 AM - even the website looks identical to CKNW's ... basically the same style station, part of the same network.

Do you think that Dave is crazy enough to try out the luge?

It been a long time since I've done this, but...

Tonight I finally got around to testing something that I picked up at a clearance sale earlier this week. In particular, I ended up at this place (although the tree blocks a large part of the space in the photo).

It's probably been a dozen or so years since I've tried this, but I managed to accomplish my goal of not falling on my ass in spite of a couple of hours spent on the ice. (That said, my stopping could use a little practice, and I also haven't yet gotten around to skating backwards).

Considering that I live less than a five minute drive from Canada Olympic Park, skiing or snowboarding may be the next winteresque sportish activity that I try out. (That said, it might be more fun to try out some other activities that are perhaps a little harder to find facilities for). It still sometimes amuses me that the next timed stop on my bus route from the university back home is a ski hill (even if a semi-artificial one). And, yes - on average that there are at least a few people headed to the place with their skis or snowboard at hand when I board the bus at the university. (I wonder if they'd even allow you to take skis or a snowboard on a Translink bus back in the Lower Mainland).


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