Anything missing?

I figured that I would post the Evangelical Free Church of Canada's page of its Doctrine and Distinctives and then pose a couple of questions. The EFCC's list is a whole lot shorter than the CanRC's Three Forms of Unity - my guess is that it might be about two pages or so if printed.

  • First question: Do you think that there are any problems with this text? My one misgiving concerns millenialism, and the statement's definition of the EFCC as premillenial. Beyond that I can't really find any statements there that I'd disagree with.
  • Second question: Do you think that any statements should be added to this about which there is no room for legitimate disagreement between Christians?

If Dave posts a link to an article, do you read that?

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If Dave posts a link to some online audio, do you listen to it?

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Spammers ...

I hope that this is just a momentary thing and doesn't continue on. It also makes me glad that I setup things as I did.

The last week or so I've been starting to see spammers both here and at the ARPA forums. They've been spitting out both random jibberish and ads for some inappropriate stuff. Perhaps I should start looking into some of these anonymous post filtering mechanisms to limit the amount of the stuff that's been getting through.


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