The impossible has happened. . .

First, it was Ryan having a decent computer, then it was Ryan getting on the internet, and now it's Ryan getting high speed internet. Yes, that's right. I now am connected to the web via ADSL (through Telus). You may now commence your expected comments of "wow" and "amazing" and other comments that I know you will all make.


Just a quick note that I've placed the contents of six rolls of film shot over the last two weeks in the usual place. Take a look.

Back online - well, sort of

It's been an interesting week in Calgary thus far (more about that later), but I figured that I'd quickly post to mention that I've now got an active computing account (at least an active computing science computing account). Hopefully this will mean that I can now keep in touch a little better.

I've also got to do something about my amount of incoming spam. For the last week or so I've been averaging approximately 2000 spamish emails a day (someone is forging headers to use rotundus as the outgoing address and therefore I'm receiving a whole lot of bounce messages).

Something peculiar about my calling card company

I've had an account with G3 Telecom for a number of years already, and just noticed something that seems a little odd with their rates on the prepaid plan. It seems that it would be cheaper for me to phone the Netherlands, Australia, Israel, or any one of a number of other countries than to phone the United States. (The situation is reversed, though, on their prepaid auto plan).


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