Hmn... potential database problems

Just looking at the server logs over the past day, as while as the latest attempts to run some of the regular maintenance tasks around here, and I'm seeing some errors on one of the database tables that's involved in running the system.

It seems that it was only the search_index table that was affected, and MySQL's repair table functions seems to have eliminated any visible error messages. I suppose that the search table isn't used too frequently around here, but the repair function did modify the number of rows in the table, and thus I'm worried that the table itself may be somewhat corrupt. Anways, I'm looking for a way to rebuild the table from scratch (it is just an index table after all), and will keep an eye on things to ensure that no other errors crop up.

Star wars

Now that the Revenge of the Sith is available for rental (unless someone was crazy enough to buy it), is anyone interested in getting together for a viewing of that sometime in the not-so-distant future?

The reviews of this one seemed better than those for the first two (not that that's a great accomplishment), but I still didn't feel like forking over the money to catch this in theatres. Thus I've not yet seen the film.

Why the slowness...

I got in touch with the web host's support people, and they informed me that the cause of the slowness of late was due to one site on the server growing by leaps and bounds. Apparently that site should be transferred to a different server within the next day or so, so hopefully that will be the end of the slowness that's been plaguing the site of late.

Big buildings in Surrey

I was at the CKNW website looking to see if they had any information on something else, and happened to stumble across the following news item (more details via the Vancouver Sun).

Basically, it sounds like there are plans to throw up an 81 storey building in Surrey (according to the story, this would be the tallest skyscraper in Canada). I knew that they were planning a bunch of 30 - 40 storey buildings near the Skytrain line in Surrey, but I hadn't heard anything about putting up a building quite this tall.

Kind of interesting, but I suspect that this can be tied in to the upcoming civic elections here. Perhaps targetting people who disliking the oodles of land being used by all the townhouse developments that have been springing up here of late? Do you think that this actually stands a good chance of going through, as it seems - if you read the Vancouver Sun article - there may still be zoning issues in spite of the mayor's claims otherwise?


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