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17 fatalities, 736 crashes: The shocking toll of Tesla’s Autopilot
"In a March presentation, Tesla claimed Full Self-Driving crashes at a rate at least five times lower than vehicles in normal driving, in a comparison of miles driven per collision. That claim, and Musk’s characterization of Autopilot as “unequivocally safer,” is impossible to test without access to the detailed data that Tesla possesses." That last sentence reveals what you'd really want to know to figure out how much to be worried about this.
HIV Transmission Risk: A Summary of Evidence
It's a little interesting how this report no longer seems to be available from the Public Health Agency of Canada. I suspect that it may be due to the somewhat politically incorrect conclusions that there's an there's more than an order of magnitude different in risk based on the type of sex act involved.
The Chinese Government’s Cover-Up Killed Health Care Workers Worldwide
Lots of countries do this sort of thing: "Silencing doctors—the weak link in official censorship efforts—isn’t new. In 2010, India ridiculed the doctor who first published on NDM-1, the drug-resistant superbug. In 2012, Saudi authorities forced the doctor who alerted the world to MERS into exile. In 2013, the Syrian government put doctors who proved polio’s return on the “to be disappeared” list. The Chinese government is still punishing the surgeon who spoke out on SARS in 2003."

Where you'd be a fool to tread

Digging through old tweets I was reminded of this one (and a more recent similar assertion about another similar event):

In general I'd say that this subject can be interesting, but a seminar of this sort I'd expect to find applause mandatory whether or not anything sensible was said. Attendance at such an event makes also makes ignorance of what was discussed a less plausible route.

Ever since that incident a few years back where Google fired a guy for comments that those involved in diversity efforts there solicited, and where the CEO said "much of what was in that memo is fair to debate" following the leak of a modified version of the feedback (with sources and data removed) it seems weird to think attendence at such a seminar could possibly be worth it. (By contrast to this case where the guy was fired for comments unrelated to his day-to-day work, they were OK with retaining their "global lead for diversity strategy and research" despite anti-Semitic comments - something which directly relates to his day-to-day employment).

Twitter vs. reddit - will I abandon both?

I figure my Reddit usage has dropped 50% or more since they started blocking apps like BaconReader (which was the one I'd opted for).

Read limits on twitter might be even worse though:

I use a lot of Instapaper for tracking twitter threads, often summarizing articles, and this seems to at least make doing that quite risky. Platforms like that seem almost desperate to get rid of me these days, though I'm not sure yet whether or not it'll mean more posts here.


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